Is this service legal?
When considering the legalities, it's best to think about the rights of the copyright holder. Websites that illegally upload and stream copyrighted material are infringing on copyright and therefore you should not use these; incidentally this offense is actually punishable by law in most countries. Remember, even though streaming technology isn't illegal (like P2P etc.), the nature of the content you're receiving might be. content on AstreamWeb is only streamable and retrieved from verified sources on the internet. All content within AstreamWeb must comply with our Terms and Conditions

Which Devices can i playback back with AstreamWeb Serviese?
You can playback on any device that support XBMC application. E.g. Jailbroken Iphone/ipad/ipod/apple TV / PC / Mac / Android 2.3+ Phones and any Android Devices with Arm chipset. . U

Can I watch it on TV?
Yes you can. Using our Apple TV Box you can watch it directly on to your TV.

What do I need inorder to use AstreamWeb services?
1. High-speed internet with minimum bandwidth speed of 3 Mbps You can test your bandwidth at one of these sites: http://speedtest.net/
2. Apple TV Box, if you like to watch it on TV.
3. A PC/Mac or a laptop if you are not using Apple TV Box.
4. A Television with Hdmi input.

How do i install AstreamWeb Service on my device?
We have a complete guide on how to setup AstreamWeb service for a variety of devices, please checkout our installation page

Can i use my Apple tv box for normal youtube and rent movies?
Yes, you can use your Apple tv box for all the normal usage, we only install a small app, so you can view our services also.

Can i get AstreamWeb Service?
No, AstreamWeb Service is currently not available for public, to become a test user, please contact@AstreamWeb.com

Do you provide local support ?
Yes, we have local people ready to provide full support. You can also purchase your

How much is AstreamWeb Service?
The Service will cost £199/year when the service become available.

Can i share 1 Account or watch on multiple devices ?
No, We use Geo-IP tracking system. Which enable us to trace down multiple shares on 1 account from different location or IP. However you can use the same account within the same Internet connection. So in your house you can have several Apple TV boxes using 1 Account.

What are all the channels available?
We offer a vide verity of popular channels from Tamil, Telugu languages. Please check our Channel lineup for the latest information.

Does the Apple TV Box connect to a wireless network?
Yes, It does.

I live in an apartment with no satelite dish can I use AstreamWeb Services?
Yes you can. As long as you meet the min requirements you are able to use our services. There is not need to install any Dish or worry about the direction your apartment is facing.

Is there a contract period or subscription period?
No. There is no commitment or contract, you prepay for the number of days you like to use. What are all the payment methods? We only Payment via Paypal / Google checkout.

How do I get support and technical assistance?
You can contact@AstreamWeb.com We respond within 24 hours.